Job Opening- Planning Technician at Jackson County

Jackson County is seeking applicants for a Planning Technician.

Summary of Responsibilities:  Responsible for coordinating, monitoring an implementation of Jackson County Flood Prevention Ordinance, the operations of the building and zoning department in regards to issuing permits, assigning addresses, and maintaining County maps in accordance with Jackson County policies and procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Review permits for development in and out of Jackson County’s floodplain and enforce the requirements of the community Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance when applicable. Maintain community floodplain management files, the Flood Insurance Rate Map files, Jackson County Floodplain management program documents, building permits, FEMA map revisions and elevation certificates. Assist and coordinate with FEMA and MEMEA representatives during Community Assistance Visits (CAV) and Community Rating Systems (CRS) program reviews. Create, file, and email Flood Determination Letters as requested by the local Insurance Agencies and home owners. Ensure appropriate addresses are assigned for all new building permits, block ranges, subdivisions and address assignment errors.

Education and/or Experience:  High school diploma or its equivalent is required. Minimum of six (6) months experience is preferred. Courses in drafting is preferred.

   ***Apply no later than 5:00 p.m.  February 28, 2017*** 

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